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About Mark Fowler

The bassist you need

Mark "Funkee1" Fowler began playing bass at the age of 12 in Albuquerque, NM. He attended the University of New Mexico to broaden his knowledge base. He has since played in every scenario you can imagine. From Rock cover bands to original fusion, Mark has done it all!  Moving to California in the early 90's Mark made himself a fixture in the music scene, playing in several bands, most notably Butterflow, House Brew, Scott Carter and The New Breed Band, and Beyond Category. Mark was also house bassist at the now defunct, but legendary Studio Cafe, with Michael Fitzhugh.


​During that time, Mark also did several sessions, and taught music lessons. Now residing in El Paso Texas, Mark is a huge presence in the local music scene. Often employed as a studio bassist by Star City Studios, and a member of Hypnosis/ShoBiz Kidz- a Steely Dan tribute, 911NEffect- a funk cover band, The Dream Merchants- a variety band, as well as his own projects, Afro Pick, and Encore Jazz.


Mark proudly uses and endorses Spectre bass guitars.  He has been a part of the Spectre family since 2008. Mark is currently working on his first CD of original jazz to be released soon! Keep your eye on this page as it grows!

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